martes, 14 de enero de 2014

If he makes you feel lonely, leave
Leave for the opaque moon
For Nina Simone, for the struggle, for a kiss
For the dead writers breathing inside your bones
For that friend who knows perfectly your interior whereabouts
Leave for yourself
Leave for what was, and what will be
Leave for a sketchy future that will still embrace you
Leave for that stranger with eyes like the sun,
descending naturally on your skin
Leave for the children who look at you like you are a poem with wings
Leave for a feeling that once left you lost in your own room
It was valid. It was real.
Leave, and speak your mind all the time
Until you’re clear
Find what makes you feel audacious, beautiful
Don’t conceal your howls
And romanticize what’s dragging you down
Learn, and let others teach you
Be open to lessons that hurts like wounds
Don’t you know this silent desert is not your destiny?
It’s an illusion, it’s imposed
What did Audre Lorde say about silence?
Oh yes, leave for her too
Define you
Even if the definition -for now- is synonymous with blue, doubtful, aberrant
Honesty got arms stronger than anyone we love
Be honest, with you

Sulafa Sahel